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Have You Ever Consumed Lotus Fruit?

For today's Greeks, the lotus fruits is the Japanese people persimmon, which looks a lot like a huge, sleek, bald apple. I've seen it increasing in landscapes in the region of Lakonia in the Peloponnese, Portugal. Individually, I'm not a fan of this particular lotus fruits, it's dry leaving the mouth place sensation as though it really needs standard water. It preferences a little like vanilla flavor.

Having sampled this fruits it is difficult to believe that it was this that so fascinated Odysseus and his team of outdoorsmen. Of course, it is affordable to assume that the historical Ancient idol remained near to his country, but it is unlikely, given the period of time it obviously took him to get house after the Virus war.

It is much more likely that he journeyed to Japan and experienced the holy lotus. The holy lotus, so Homer had written in Guide 9 of the Trip, triggered Odysseus and his supporters to ignore the objective of their journey, which is why some experts have recommended that the lotus people partook of the opium poppy.

However, if you have a look at the seeds coffee pods you will see they look like those of the opium poppy. Each pod keeps about 24 plant seeds. In Cambodia, these are respected as a very delicious snack!

The lotus place is also priced at its therapeutic qualities, as it contains nuciferine and aporphine, which are morphine-like ingredients. This indicates that the rest of Lethe might well be triggered if to obtain is consumed. No wonder Odysseus too so lengthy to get house.

Herodotus, the Dad of Record, believed that the lotus people were population of the Libyan seaside place. However, Herodotus is not always a reliable resource. In the historical globe consuming the fruits of the lotus was considered to cause negligence. Whether this was before or after Homer had written the Trip is available to query.

Perhaps the lotus people never really persisted. However, they have certainly taken the creativeness of decades. The British poet, Alfred Master Tennyson, had written a poetry The Lotos - Eaters about them and the understanding of them also taken Edith Wharton's creativity. as can be seen in her novel, 'The Age of Innocence'. Lovers of John Riordan books will potentially remember the concept of the Lotus Eaters in his 'Camp Half-Blood Stories.'

If you are interested enough to try the Ancient lotus, visit the Peloponnese in fall. I have seen the fruits still on plants in the wintertime (no one seems to collect it). However, you will have to ask authorization to try the lotus fruits. as it is harvested in the landscapes of personal houses.